Strat-O-Matic Baseball Serial 3.0

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(21.0) Bringing the outfield in

Over 20 years I’ve found the best lesson strato has taught me is that a player’s value is the sum of his offense and defense, there are no absolutes, and whatever cliches about how one builds a team do not matter. Like real baseball, Strat-O-Matic attracts competitive people. Lamanna’s Baseball Bulletin is a magazine of statistics meant to help players with the game. The trail runner(s) automatically advance one base. (8.2) For added realism, use this option: Before play commences, the team in the field may declare that it is holding one or more runner(s) on base.

(6.0) Other card results

Pitchers with no asterisk need four games of rest between starts. Given how popular the game is, it was perhaps just something unfortunate, couldn’t understand why. If you roll a 5 or 6, that’s a strikeout because that goes on Kershaw’s card. Here is a typical sequence for determining whether to steal and how to do it: A.

Roll, Blog(roll)

Is a man who probably could have anything materially he could think of, but he was generous enough to give me a pair of his spikes the week before he announced his retirement. When consulting the fielding chart you should treat him as a ss-3 e2O. A roll of 2 on the 20-sided die indicates that either a balk or a passed ball may occur, Refer to the single white die and if it reads 1 to 3 a balk may occur, If it reads a 4 to 6 a passed ball may occur.

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It’s rough, but building a program is certainly doable. For example, all hits and walks through the fifth inning do not contribute toward a POW for a pitcher with an endurance factor inning of 6.

(23.4) Stealing Third Base

I also dabbled with Sherco and thought it had a lot of interesting aspects. We were playing outside, going to the park to play ball, swimming, riding bikes, playing games etc.

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A roll of 1 on the 20-sided die indicates that a wild pitch may occur. Better base stealers have no automatic outs; you will see a hyphen (-) instead of a number range. If you use the chart titled, “SUPER ADVANCED CUT-OFF RULE COMPUTATIONS” on Page 15, it is not necessary to read the following detailed explanation of the rules. (14.4) Use the Advanced rules above, with this addition: If there is a runner at third base and at least one more runner on base when a fly()B? The hitter must have “N” power for this roll to result in a homerun. There are players out there who are e24 or e36 and I was scared to death to play those guys.

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If someone can’t follow the point you’re making, the difference between 4,320 and 43,200 is not going to matter anyway. I have a very basic understanding of java and so I have made an attempt to create such a thing, but I do not know how to make the program pull information from the internet. And it might not even be that depending on a thousand other factors.

Alternative Rules

If you roll a 1 for instance, that is a single UNLESS you have a 1-range shortstop. The rule comes into play when you are rolling the 20‑sided die to determine if it is a homerun. The math is the math, and I know it doesn’t mathematically matter which card I get the result from, but where I got it greatly aided in my imagination of the play. My friend was to shattered to speak to me for a for a week. Former major leaguer is an avid Strat-O-Matic player and advocate of the company, and his ex-teammate and noted gamer also plays.


Most of the time, you would never even roll the die because the defending team would cut off the throw to keep the batter from going to second. An example of possible supplementary stealing system numbers may be found below. *8-10/11,12 (19-14) After the offense declares his intention to steal, he would first roll all three dice (One 20-sided and two 6-sided) If a roll of 3-20 on the 20-sided die occurs continue with the normal steal sequence (re-rolling the 20-sided die if a steal is actually attempted). A white 4, a colored 1 and a colored 5 would be read as 4-6 (pitcher’s column No. If the roll is 15-20, the runner is out stealing, When using either rating number, first add together the catcher’s throwing arm rating and the pitcher’s hold rating (found at the top of the pitcher’s card), The total of the two numbers must not exceed the range of -5 to +5.